Premium Addons for Elementor Review: Super Charge Your Elementor

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Are you an Elementor user looking to add support for extra widgets and premade templates? If yes, then I recommend taking a look at the Premium Addons for Elementor plugin.

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The Elementor Page Builder has quickly grown to become one of the most popular website builder plugins for WordPress. For free, the WordPress Elementor plugin gives you access to an intuitive drag and drop page builder along with tons of premade templates and widgets to populate your website layout.

However, the Elementor widget collection in the free version is somewhat limited. As such, WordPress Elementor users have two options – either upgrade to Elementor Pro or install Elementor Addons like Premium Addons.

WordPress Plugin

Despite its name, Premium Addons is free to use – well, almost. It follows a freemium model and has a free base plugin with access to many advanced widgets. In fact, some of the free widgets offer functionalities exclusive to Elementor Pro.

So with that being said, I have put together a detailed review going over Premium Addons for Elementor, its various features, and a brief overview of the different widgets it brings to the table.

But first, here’s a quick look at the different widgets (both free and pro) bundled in with Elementor and Premium Addons.

1. Paragraph
2. Heading
3. List
4. Quote
5. Code
6. Classic
7. Preformatted
8. Pullquote
9. Table
10. Verse
11. Image
12. Gallery
13. Audio
14. Cover
15. File
16. Media & text
17. Video
18. Buttons
19. Columns
20. Group
21. More
22. Page Break
23. Separator
24. Spacer
25. Shortcode
26. Archives
27. Calendar
28. Categories
29. Custom HTML
30. Latest Comment
31. Latest Posts
32. RSS
33. Social Icons
34. Tag Cloud
35. Search
Pro Version Widgets
1. Inner Section
2. Heading
3. Image
4. Text Editor
5. Video
6. Button
7. Divider
8. Spacer
9. Google Maps
10. Icon
11. Image Box
12. Icon Box
13. Star Rating
14. Image Carousel
15. Basic Gallery
16. Icon List
17. Counter
18. Progress Bar
19. Testimonial
20. Tabs
21. Accordion
22. Toggle
23. Social Icons
24. Alert
25. SoundCloud
26. Shortcode
27. HTML
28. Menu Anchor
29. Sidebar
30. Read More
31. Text Path
1. Posts
2. Portfolio
3. Gallery
4. Form
5. Login
6. Slides
7. Nav Menu
8. Animated Headline
9. Price List
Premium Addons
Pro Version Widgets
1. Carousel
2. Blog
3. Google Maps
4. Team Members
5. Fancy Text
6. Heading
7. Dual Heading
8. Media Grid
9. Image Scroll
10. Image Separator
11. Video Box
12. Vertical Scroll
13. Modal Box
14. Testimonials
15. Countdown
16. Banner
17. Button
18. Image Button
19. Bullet List
20. Progress Bar
21. Pricing Table
22. Counter
23. Contact Form 7
24. Lottie Animations
1. Tabs
2. Content Switcher
3. Divider
4. Image Comparison
5. Image Layers
6. Image Hotspot
7. Image Accordion
8. Horizontal Scroll
9. Background Transition
10. Multi Scroll
11. Parallax
12. Particles
13. Animated Gradient
14. Animated Ken Burns
15. Alert Box

For more details, visit the Premium Addons for Elementor official website.

Premium Addons for Elementor: Features

Kicking off the review, here’s a quick look at the main features and functionalities of the Premium Addons for Elementor plugin.

55+ Advanced Widgets and 300+ Premium Website Templates

Premium Addons offers around 57 advanced widgets for the Elementor plugin, with more added regularly. The free version includes 24 of these widgets at the time of writing, and the remaining 33 advanced widgets are saved for the Pro version.

You can get a demo look at all of the widgets (free and pro) on the Premium Addons official website. Just click on the “Elementor Widgets” drop-down, and select a widget to check out its demo.

Now, what’s really interesting is that the Premium Addons free version includes many widgets exclusive to Elementor Pro.

For example, the Elementor free version doesn’t include a pricing table, video carousel, or Lottie animations. To get these, you will need to upgrade to Elementor Pro. However, with the Premium Addons free version, you get access to all these widgets out of the box.

Cool, right?

Other than this, Premium Addons also brings over 300 professionally designed website templates.

The templates that are designed using the Premium Addons free widgets are available for free. This gives you access to 50+ premade templates. The rest are made using the Pro widgets and are only available to the Premium Addons Pro users.

Easy Integration with the Elementor WordPress Plugin

One of the best things about using Premium Addons is that it offers seamless integration with the Elementor page builder. Once installed and activated, you will have a dedicated “PREMIUM ADDONS” section in the Elementor widget panel.

You can easily drag and drop any Premium Addons widget from this panel, just like regular Elementor widgets. Each widget also has a customization panel with dedicated tabs to tweak widget content, style and access its advanced settings.

The same goes for access to the premade templates.

As you know, by clicking on the “folder icon” in Elementor Page builder, you get access to the premade website library. From there, you can select a layout you like, and it will get imported and applied to the page you are building.

Similarly, after installing Premium Addons, you will get a new “star icon” in the page builder. Here you will find all of the Premium Addons’ premade templates that you can import and apply with a single click.

Support for Lottie Animations

Lottie Animations are free, open-source, and lightweight JSON-based animation files that can be quickly shipped to any platform. These are perfect for making your website more visually engaging without adding too much load.

Now with Premium Addons for Elementor, support for Lottie animation comes in all of their widgets, both free and pro. Any widget that supports images or icons can also use Lottie animations.

Besides this, you also get a dedicated widget for Lottie animations with access to tons of customization and interactivity options.

For reference, Elementor also offers support for Lottie animations, but only as a widget in the Pro version. There’s no option to add Lottie animations to other widgets – Free nor Pro.

All Premium Addons Widgets Are Modular

With Premium Addons for Elementor, all of its widgets are modular in nature. This means you have the option to enable/disable each widget individually.

As such, if you are sure that you won’t use a particular (or a group of) widget(s), then you can just disable it by going into Premium Addons for Elementor > Widgets & Addon-ons from your WordPress dashboard.

This offers a simple yet effective means to keep your WordPress website from getting bloated with all these widgets and design modules.


And lastly, for Premium Addons Pro users, there’s support for white-labeling. This allows you to tweak the Premium Addons interface with your branding – an excellent feature for web developers and design agencies.

Premium Addons for Elementor: Widget Showcase

Now that you have an idea of the different bells and whistles of the Premium Addons for Elementor plugin, it’s time to talk about the fun stuff.

That being said, it’s beyond the scope of this read to cover every single Premium Addons widget in detail. As such, I have shortlisted some of the most interesting and exclusive widgets that come with the addon.

Web Design

Premium Carousel Widget

First, let’s take a look at the all-purpose Premium Carousel Widget that comes with the Premium Addons free version. It allows you to create any kind of carousel that you like. This includes testimonial carousels, video/multimedia carousels, and much more.

All you need to do is create Elementor Templates and then insert them into the widget and create the carousel.

For the sake of this review, I have created 4 Elementor templates – an Image section, Video section, Testimonial section, and Team Members section. Let’s include all of them into the Premium Carousel Widget and see what it does.

Here’s a video tutorial on the Premium Carousel Widget to show you how to create one for yourself.

In comparison, with Elementor, you only get support for the Image Carousel for free. The Media Carousel and Testimonial Carousel requires you to get the Elementor Pro version.

Premium Lottie Animations Widget

Lottie Animations are a cool way to add life to your WordPress website. Now with Elementor, you need to have the premium version to access the Lottie widget and add these animations to your website. However, with Premium Addons, you get a Lottie Animations widget for free.

Here’s how it works!

You first need to drag and drop the widget into your working canvas.

Next, you will either need to upload a JSON animation from your Media Library or fetch it from an external URL.

I have used the later option where I got the JSON animation file from the LottieFiles website. After copying the Lottie Animation URL, paste it inside the appropriate field in the widget settings, and there you have it! Your Lottie animation is ready to go!

The Premium Lottie Animations Widget also gives you tons of additional settings to enable animation looping, reverse animation, control animation speed, tweak its size, and even rotate the file.

Premium Fancy Text Widget

Next up, I really like the Premium Fancy Text Widget. You might have seen this effect applied on other websites, where a piece of text is animated and replaces itself with other variants.

Here’s a look at how it works to give you an idea.

As you can see, the widget gives you the option to set a static text as a prefix and a suffix. Then, for the middle part, you can enter multiple fancy texts, and the widget will cycle through them one after the other.

Now, in the above example, I have set the fancy text transition effect to “typing.” However, you can easily change that under the “Additional Settings” section.

Pretty fancy, isn’t it? – Especially when you consider it’s bundled in with the free version of Premium Addons!

Premium Pricing Table Widget

The Premium Pricing Table Widget is another useful UI element exclusive to Elementor Pro but thoughtfully included for free in the Premium Addons for Elementor plugin.

It’s somewhat basic in functionality, allowing you to showcase just a single price option. If you want to showcase multiple pricing tiers, you will need to add multiple widgets in sequential columns.

But putting this nitpick aside, the widget comes with all the other necessary features and can prove to be extremely useful in your site-building process.

As you can see, the widget gives you full control over how to display the Price, customizing the Feature List, Button, Ribbon, and even adding a dedicated Description. There’s also a segment for Display Option – from where you can disable/enable entire segments from the Pricing Table.

Comparing Similar Widgets

We just went over some of the unique widgets that come with the free version of Premium Addons that are not present in Elementor. But that being said, there are also some similar widgets present in both free versions of Elementor and Premium Addons. These include – Heading Widget, Google Maps Widget, Progress Bar Widget, Counter Widget, and Testimonial Widget.

So which widget is better? The one that comes with Elementor, or that of Premium Addons?

Well, here’s a quick comparison showcasing the differences:

Heading Widget:

The regular Heading widget that comes with Elementor offers basic options like adding a link, tweaking the size, changing the header tag, and switching the alignment.

The Premium Heading widget that comes with Premium Addons offers additional features, including support for icons, adding background text, minimal mask effect, and even an animated gradient. You also get support for different styles.

Google Maps Widget:

The Google Maps widget that you get with Elementor is simple and easy to use. It will work without needing a Google Maps API key.

The Premium Google Maps widget from Premium Addons is a bit more complicated. It requires a Google Maps API Key to function but brings many more additional features, including the option to fetch user location, switch map styles, and much more.

Progress Bar Widget:

Both Premium Addons and Elementor include a Progress Bar widget, and both of them offer different features. It’s hard to say which one is better. As such, I would suggest that you use the one that fits your needs.

The Elementor widget allows you to change the color of the progress bar, show/hide percentage, and add inner text inside the progress bar.

The Premium Addons widget lets you choose between different progress bars – line, circle, or dots. You also have the option to choose the style of the progress bar and control the animation speed.

Counter Widget:

Elementor goes with a simple Counter widget designed to get the job done! You can input a starting number and ending number, set a number prefix or suffix, configure the animation duration, and choose what type of number separator to use.

With the Premium Counter widget, you get all these options along with an additional setting that allows you to set an icon with the counter.

Testimonials Widget:

The Testimonial widget is more or less the same on both Elementor and Premium Addons.

With Elementor, you get the basic options like entering the content of the testimonial, picking an image for the reviewer, entering their name and title, and adding a link.

Whereas, with the Premium Testimonial Widget, you get all the same features paired with a slightly bolder design. There’s also the added option to change the reviewer image cutout from Circle to either Square or Rounded.

Premium Addons for Elementor: Pricing

Premium Addons for Elementor follows a freemium pricing model similar to the Elementor WordPress plugin. The base plugin is available for free, where you get access to 20+ widgets and 50+ predesigned templates. And as we just saw, some of the Premium Addon widgets cover functionalities available with Elementor Pro.

However, if you want access to the full feature set with access to all 55+ widgets and 300+ professionally designed templates, you will need to get the Premium Addons Pro.

Pricing starts at $39/year for a single site license. However, you can upgrade that to support unlimited websites for $79/year. And if you don’t like being tied down to a subscription plan, there’s also a lifetime license for unlimited websites at just $199.

Also, all your purchases are protected under a 14-day money-back guarantee.

WordPress Plugin Review conclusion

Should You Get Premium Addons Pro Over Elementor Pro?

If you are using the free version of Elementor, then yes, I would recommend that you also install the Premium Addons plugin, as it brings a bunch of useful widgets to the table.

However, if you are thinking of upgrading to a premium version and wondering which is a better investment – Premium Addons Pro or Elementor Pro, then it’s a tricky question.

With Elementor Pro, you get access to a lot of powerful widgets that are not included even in Premium Addons Pro. The most important of which is the WooCommerce widgets.

But on the flipside, Premium Addons Pro includes plenty of powerful social media-centric widgets, which the Elementor Pro plugin lacks.

As such, if you need to choose between the two, it becomes a question of what you need!

Elementor Pro covers all the necessary tools for creating a professional-grade website. However, if you build more media-centric blogs or magazines, and need access to flashy features and social media integration, then Premium Addons Pro would be the better option.

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