Hostinger Review For Best Cheap Web Hosting: Is It Worth The Purchase?

hostinger review, hostinger hosting, cheap hosting

Hostinger Review: Are you thinking of the best, affordable web hosting suitable for businesses or personal websites? Is that price you’re thinking of an ideal match for a cheap word press hosting with Hostinger?

Well, Our Hostinger review offers you well-researched information on this domain hosting.  This enables you to make a practical decision concerning your best accessible server hosting choices. Hopefully, your guaranteed choice becomes an ideal solution for your cheap podcast and cheap web web hosting.

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Hostinger Overview

Hostinger began its hosting services in 2007 as a free services provider called The name was eventually changed in 2011 to Hostinger. Their growth in challenging other web hosting sites is reflected in the rising number of subscriptions. In 2014, 10 million people subscribed to the Hostinger web hosting services, and this number has since increased to 29 million subscribers.

The main reason for the rapid increase in subscriptions is attributed to the fact that they offer the best cheap web hosting packages, coupled with good customer service and support. The availability of WordPress hosting at Hostinger has led many people who build websites to subscribe to Hostinger. Additionally, this Hostinger review will unwrap the cheap web hosting packages offered.

WordPress User

Hostinger Users

Hostinger appears to be a well-liked choice for many website holders. Reason for that? Hostinger is crown a winner at affordable hosting and the top best at stabilizing high-quality with low prices. The past ten years have seen not less than 29 million consumers pick Hostinger for their web services such as site builder, VPS, and WordPress hosting plans.

For you to paint a better picture of that, This Hostinger review highlights the crucial elements such as performance and features that Hostinger encompasses.

From unlimited everything ranging from storage to databases it has;

  1. FREE site builder $ WP performance upgrades
  2. FREE daily or weekly backups
  3. Custom control panel and auto-installation scripts
  4. SSH access $ SSL certificates 
hostinger review, hostinger hosting, cheap hosting

Features And Performance

First -Rate Hosting Account Control Panel

Hostinger users no longer need to retain a record of separate logins to refresh their billing information, registering/renewing a domain, or spin up a new virtual server. Additionally, with the Host’s sleek, modern interface, the users can manage all forms of their hosting and domain subscription.

The administrative interface panel adopts some enhanced organizational and larger icons despite having a design that is not discernible of industry-standard cPanel and its paper Lantern theme.

Also, users can acquire valuable knowledge-based resources by clicking on an enduring icon all over the portal.

WordPress Plugin Pricing

Pricing and Plans

Hostinger is the best affordable web hosting site with its volume of shared hosting plans in balance with several of its favorite value-oriented hosts that apply solid-state drivers.

It has three hosting plans; 

  1. Shared plan where you get only one website, one email, 30 GB of disk space, and 100 GB bandwidth.
  2. The premium plan has 100 GB of disk space 
  3. The Business plan includes 200 GB of disk space

The Shared Plan

The shared plan is usually suitable for new projects, professional resumes, and new blogs.

However, if you intend to grow your business, it’s advisable to adopt a more upscale plan since it eliminates struggles when you need to upgrade plans or migrate files. However, the Premium and Business plan has unlimited bandwidth, 100 websites, a free domain name, better power and speed, and free email accounts.


Monthly Cheap Programs

Additionally, Hostinger displays its programs as cheaply as $ 0.99 per month for single web hosting and $ 3.99 for Business web hosting. There’s much to this, though. 

For the single web hosting, the $ 0.99 offer only applies if you request a 48-month package. If not, the price shifts from $ 1.59 per month for 24 months to $ 2.99 per month for 12 months and $ 9.99 for a single month. The same applies to the premium plan. The displayed $ 2.59/ month applies if you request a 48-month package. Otherwise, it ranges from $ 3.79 for 24 months or $5.99 for 12 months.

The lowest-tier plan is worth the bargain, but it has limitations when it comes to computing power. It tends to be too restrictive.

Moreover, Hostinger also provides four WordPress Hosting Packages namely Single WordPress, WordPress Starter, Business WordPress, and WordPress Pro. All these packages are designed with specific clientele needs at heart.

They are tailor-made for both beginners and experienced WordPress developers. Further, their prices start from US$1.99 per month to US$5.99 per month. Further, hese packages have various features that consist of free websites, SSD storage, emails, domains, Bandwidth, among many other features.


Hostinger review: Ease of Use

Hostinger website builder has an excellent management interface encompassing all hosting services in one accessible, intuitive package.

Such hosting services include controlling billing information, hosting subscriptions, and such. Subsequently, a new customer can easily accomplish various tasks using the interface.

hostinger review, hostinger hosting, cheap hosting

cPanel for linux users.

hostinger review, hostinger hosting, cheap hosting

Plex for both windows and Linux users.

hostinger review, hostinger hosting, cheap hosting

hPanel can be used only for shared hosting at the moment.

Hostinger review: Reliability and Support

Hostinger WordPress hosting offers the industry-standard 99.9% service uptime guarantee to ensure reliability and stability. Website owners are allowed to ask for a 5% credit off their monthly hosting charges in case the company does not maintain the 99.9% level of service.

Hostinger’s virtual services are developed upon a cloud network to ensure prime availability and always-on websites.

Users can certainly access relevant articles based on the page they view by clicking on a widget in the bottom right corner of each control panel.

If the users fail to get an answer, they can opt for a live chat session or submit an online ticket.

hostinger review, hostinger hosting, cheap hosting

Employees all set to answer your questions

Knowledge-based Tutorials

Hostinger review: VPS and Cloud Hosting

Hostinger has a “Cloud VPS” that keeps your website running quickly and online at all times through its fantastic speed and a no-downtime policy. There are three types of server’s plans:

  1. The start-up plan is available at a monthly rate of $ 9.99 with 3GB RAM and 200 GB of disk space.
  2. The Cloud professional plan, available at a monthly rate of $18.99, offers 6 GB of RAM and 250 GB of disk space.
  3. The Cloud global plan is available at a monthly rate of $ 69.99, which offers 16 GB of RAM and 300 GB of disk space.

All three plans offer unlimited bandwidth.

Customer Service

Hostinger review: 24/7 Support

Also, Hostinger’s live chat agents are responsive, knowledgeable, and quite helpful.

It has tutorials that are meant to:

  • Provide basic tutorials for beginners starting their blog journey on WordPress
  • Assist experienced website owners in configuring Docker and use the WordPress API.

By submitting an online ticket, World employees are always available to provide feedback.

hostinger review, hostinger hosting, cheap hosting

Hostinger review: Cloud Hosting with Hostinger

Cloud Hosting is provided by Hostinger and it allows for more flexibility and easier scalability. Instead of your site being hosted on a single server, a cloud is a perfect host. Further, VPS hosting is offered by Hostinger on six different VPS hosting plans. The server is not shared.

Minecraft hosting is a unique service that competitors of Hostinger do not have. It is designed for gamers. It gives you the ability to install your game modes.

Quick Loading

Hostinger has the ability for quick loading of pages. This is good for business as it gives visitors to your website an opportunity to view as many pages as possible. They also guarantee an uptime of 99.9% to ensure the accessibility of your website at all times.

Further, the slim probability of downtime prevents losses when servers are down. This is the best service uptime globally.

hostinger review, hostinger hosting, cheap hosting

Website Building Features

Hostinger’s cheap WordPress hosting has various templates that you can edit using a drag-and-drop interface. The templates is available by theme, and the company has it that you can use the templates on all mobile device screens.

In addition, the builder can consolidate Ecommerce features for small businesses, an online store, and Paypal widgets.

Email Tools

Hostinger review: Email Tools

Hostinger provides an exhaustive but straightforward email tool. With the two top-shared hosting plans, users can enjoy unlimited email accounts incorporated free of charge.

Website owners can run reports and obtain email features using the control panel. The users can position email forwarding and autoresponders from the control panel, apart from making changes to mail exchanger records.

Catch All Emails Feature

Also, Hostinger provides Catch- all emails, a feature that watches out misspelled addresses and ensures that the users relay all the important messages. Users can forward all emails despatched to a Customer’s domain.

Hostinger further allows Administrators to enable or disable their account’s Sendmail, IMAP, and SMTP services.

hostinger review, hostinger hosting, cheap hosting

Hostinger offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you feel that their service is not up to standard. However, redemption fees, domain name renewals, and privacy protection are not refundable. What is refundable is the hosting, domain transfers, and SSL certificate purchases.

Hostinger review: Conclusion

In conclusion, Hostingers is an affordable web hosting domain. Although other competitive companies might embrace more managed services, its control panel, Responsive 24/7 support, and SSD architecture make Hostinger a champion for experienced and budget-driven website owners.

It has its cons, such as a little unreliable uptime, and it does not include phone support.

However, so many customers seem to be happy that Hostinger does not sacrifice performance and functionality when meeting budget-minded site owners.

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