Greengeeks Review: A cutting edge website hosting provider

greengeeks review

In this Greengeeks review, we are going to talk about what is Green geeks and the benefits of choosing Greengeeks Hosting

The concern about global warming has led people to look for environmentally friendly means to generate energy. Several companies have found alternative means of supplying energy to their businesses. One such company is Greengeeks hosting

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What is Greengreeks?

Greengeeks, a web hosting company, runs on 300% renewable energy. In this estimate, Greengeeks hosting uses up to 615000 kilowatts of wind power for its operations.

This means that three times as much wind energy is returned to the environment.

why greengeeks hosting

Currently, it hosts about 600,000 sites and serves up to 50000 customers. However, this doesn’t affect the performance of services offered by green geeks.

That’s why, in this greengeeks reviews guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about greengeeks hosting.

Let’s begin.

Web hosting - what is it?


Website hosting allows companies and individuals to host their websites on the Internet. This will allow end-users from all over the world to view and access your web page easily. When users enter your website URL, the server establishes a connection with their computer.

Through their browser, the user can access the content of your website. Web hosting companies are known as web hosting service providers.

One of them is Greengeeks hosting. If you don’t already own a domain, you can buy one from Greengeeks. The Greengeeks server will then host your website, allowing visitors to access it online.

Website hosting by Greengeeks

The company’s main web hosting control panel is cPanel. The reason is that greengeeks’ cPanel hosting interface allows you to use popular blogging platforms like WordPress and Drupal.

Almost all of Greengeeks’s nameservers come with quad-core processors. Additionally, data centers are restricted to prevent the theft of information.

Web Hosting

A look at how Greengeeks produce their own energy

Greengeeks generates approximately 615,000 kilowatts of electricity each year through wind energy. In simple terms, wind energy is energy produced by the wind.

There are several ways to harvest wind energy. An example of this is the use of wind turbines. A wind turbine is built on an expanse of land that is very windy.

Greengeek Wind Energy

Why wind energy?

This is because strong winds cause the turbine to spin. The spinning of the turbine will produce energy which the generator will then convert into electrical energy.

There are almost no side effects from wind energy. If there isn’t enough wind, for example, the turbine won’t spin. Therefore, the environmental conditions have a great impact on the turbines’ ability to generate power.

Benefits of wind energy

Nevertheless, wind energy offers a lot of benefits. Aside from being environmentally friendly, wind power is also relatively inexpensive to produce. All you need is enough land and some wind turbines.

In addition, wind turbines are continually evolving since they are still a relatively new technology. This means that if you do decide to purchase some, you will have a choice of models and sizes.

Greengeeks special features

special features

Free site migration services: If you already have a website hosted elsewhere, green geeks will migrate that website at no cost.

Also, greengeeks professionals will handle the migration to ensure the data is safe and secure. Thus, if you are unfamiliar with websites, subscribing to green geeks will save you time and energy.

Eco-friendly operation: In line with their eco-friendly philosophy, green geeks have a negative carbon footprint. Therefore, you can contribute to the use of cleaner energy by telling your website’s users that it is powered by green energy. This could also encourage them to choose cleaner energy for the betterment of our planet.

greengeeks hosting special features

Regular backups: Data recovery backups are conducted by green geeks every 24-hours on their hosting platforms. The greengeeks nameservers also include RAID-10 storage arrays, ensuring that no data is lost.

To ensure data security, all servers are also connected to uninterruptible power supply systems. Additionally, you can request restoration of any previously uploaded files on green geeks.

Availability: Greengeeks offers phone support seven days a week during business hours. This eases and reduces the amount of stress involved with contacting customer service agents when you have a question or a problem with your website

Return policy: If you’re not satisfied with Greengeeks’s service during the first thirty days, they will refund your money.

This means you will get a refund on your subscription if you cancel within thirty days. However, Greengeeks will deduct the cost of the domain name and other services provided from the refund.

domain name

One year of free domain name: You receive a free domain during the first year of hosting your website with green geeks hosting. However, you’ll have to pay after the first year if you want to keep the domain name.

Advertisement credits: For new businesses and those looking to market their brand, Greengeeks hosting offers free advertising credit for your first Google advertisement. You will not have to worry about advertising costs during the first two months.

Free website building services: There is no doubt that green geeks offer a very useful feature in this regard. The free website builder offers a number of ready-to-use design templates, thus making it easy for you to customize the look of your website.

You can also use search engine optimization tools to make your website easier to find with a simple Google search.

Greengeeks review: Pricing

greengeeks hosting Pricing

The price is a very important factor when people are choosing a service, which makes Greengeeks hosting a great choice. Greengeeks offers a wide range of packages at varying prices, which I think are well worth the money. In this greengeeks reviews, below we discuss a few of them.

Web Hosting

Greengeeks review: Hosting

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is in two categories: lite and premium.

Lite plan: With the lite plan, you get one year of free domain registration, fifty email accounts, 50 GB  of storage, unrestricted bandwidth, greengeeks SSL, and a world-class content delivery network for your website.

Premium plan: Premium shared hosting packages provide unlimited storage space, unlimited email accounts, and more bandwidth overall.

Whatever suite you choose will have different features depending on whether it is a WordPress or woo commerce site.

With WordPress hosting, for instance, updates are free as well as the ability to install WordPress. The WordPress and WooCommerce packages start from as little as $2.49 a year.

Reseller web hosting

green geeks reseller hosting

This reseller hosting plan comes with 60Gb of SSD disk space, 25cPanel accounts, and a greengeeks free SSL certificate, giving you all the tools you’ll need to run your website smoothly. The price of reseller web hosting is currently as low as $19.95 per month.

RH-50 plan: The RH-50 plan, greengeeks’ top-selling reseller hosting package, also offers free SSL certificates provided by greengeeks hosting, as well as 24-hour technical support. It costs only $24.95 cents a month.

RH-80 plan: Also, the RH-80 plan includes 160GB SSD space, 80 cPanel accounts, a free SSL certificate, and greengeeks managed support. It costs $34.95 a month, making it the most expensive reseller plan.

Almost all of these prices are special offers. The regular prices are a little higher

VSP hosting

green geeks VPS hosting

It is a combination of dedicated and shared hosting. Virtual private server hosting, or VPS, entails dividing a server into a few separate portions so that it can host more than one website.

You can basically have your own VPS with access to the server’s resources. Basically, this means you can manage multiple websites from one account.

Greengeeks hosting offers two plans for virtual private servers. The cheaper one comes with 2 GB of RAM, 50 GB of SSD storage, and 4 vCPU, while the more expensive one comes with 8 GB of RAM, 6 vCPU, and 150 GB of SSD storage. The monthly price for both is $35.95 and $109.95 respectively.

Dedicated servers

green geeks Dedicates Servers

The most exclusive type of web hosting is dedicated hosting. With a dedicated server, you will be the only website hosted on that server. This has a lot of benefits. You will, for example, have more control over what happens on the server. It will also result in less traffic, which means that the server will run faster.

With Greengeeks hosting, you have the option of choosing between multiple dedicated server hosting plans, all of which offer ten terabytes of data transfer a month and five IP addresses. Dedicated servers start at $169 for entry servers and $439 for pro servers.

The benefits of choosing greengeeks

green geeks benefits

Speed: The greengeeks website hosting service is one of the fastest on the market. Considering how vital your website’s speed is, it’s essential you choose wisely.

Also, the five different data centers that green geeks operates around the world will make your website run smoothly. This will help improve the user experience of your website, making it more likely they will return.

Greengeeks has a 99% uptime guarantee: Uptime, in layman terms, refers to how long service is up and running. The 99% uptime means green geeks servers are always running and have minimal downtime. As a result, your website will remain undisturbed even during a power outage.

Excellent data privacy: The best thing about greengeeks is that your data is protected. Therefore, green geeks is an excellent choice for those who handle sensitive information.

Across all of its data centers, Greengeeks employs SSL encryption technology that ensures 24/7 security. Aside from this, the company also adheres to Canada’s privacy policies.

Customer Service

Greengeeks review: Customer service

The amazing customer service at greengeeks hosting is one of its many great features. You can reach Greengeeks’ customer service via phone, email, and live chat.

During business hours, email response time is less than 20 minutes, while phone lines are available every day. If a problem occurs with the website, the company will act almost immediately.

Conclusion, Drawbacks

Greengeeks review: Conclusion

We’ve come to the end of greengeeks review. As a whole, greengeeks seems like a great tool for anyone with a website or looking for reliable hosting services for their site.

This platform provides everything a 21st-century website needs: 100% green energy, a great price, and excellent customer service. Users will also appreciate the variety of user-friendly features available on the website.

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