Essential addons for Elementor review: Worth to try?

Essential addons for Elementor review,

Are you planning to build a new website using WordPress Elementor? If that’s the case, you might want to check out the Essential Addons.

With over 3 million downloads, it is one of the most popular Elementor addons. So isn’t this a fantastic addons? Continue reading to discover about the Essential addons for Elementor review:

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What are Essential Elementor addons?

WPDeveloper’s Essential Addons is one of their products. This addons was launched in 2017, a year after Elementor was first released. Essential Addons were not created with Elementor in mind.

The elementor plugins are also available for Cornerstone, another WordPress page builder. Essential Addons is known as a freemium addon for Elementor. The free version of this add-on can be found in the WordPress plugin directory.

The Most famous WordPress Elementor plugin?

The most famous WordPress Elementor plugin on the market is Essential Addons for Elementor. Surprisingly, this strong plugin is used to create stunning websites by over 449,987 websites.

This plugin enhances Elementor’s capability, allowing you to create great websites, and it’s also very convenient and versatile to use.

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Essential Addons for Elementor allows you to build unique websites without any coding skill, whether you’re a novice or a master. All you have to do now is download, operate, and begin building your WordPress website.

Free of charge and premium options are available for the Elementor plugins. On the other hand, the subscription plan grants access to more powerful elements and pre-made templates and additional benefits.


For example, essential Addons for Elementor include 100+ already available blocks and templates in addition to widgets and elements, allowing you to build great websites on the move.

The best thing is that all of the Essential Addons features and templates are configurable, allowing you to have complete control over the design.

List of elements

Essential Addons for Elementor divides into the following main categories. Each category is further divided total providing more than 70 elements.

  • Content elements: It divides into 21.
  • Dynamic content elements: It divides into 11.
  • Marketing elements: It divides into 3.
  • Creative elements: It divides into 15.
  • Form styler elements: It divides into 11.
  • Woocommerce elements: It divides into 6.
  • etc..

Following pictures shows you the free and premium elements in detail:

Essential Addons features and advantages

Elementor essential Addons have more than 70 creative elements and extensions that give your Elementor website page builder many possibilities to make it creative and attractive.

Following are some of the features of this plugin and their advantages:

Elementor Page Builder's capabilities are expanded.

With this plugin, you can add different unique elements to the Elementor page builder that is very convenient to use. Thus, you can rapidly make wonderful and completely responsive sites utilizing these unique and versatile features.

100+ Pre-Constructed formats and Blocks

This add-on likewise incorporates many pre-made, completely adjustable blocks and formats, permitting you to develop excellent sites on the fly.

Besides, you can access the entirety of the predefined blocks and formats without much effort. You may even save layouts and designs to the cloud and convey them to many sites with a single snap.

Elements that can be tailored-made

Elementors Addons’ are, for the most part, completely configurable. Each piece has plenty of change choices that permit you to tweak each part of the design. Subsequently, you can alter any component however much you might want and make excellent sites.

Essential addons for Elementor review,

Flexible and lightweight

The Essential Addons are lightweight and not at all like other plugins available. However, it won’t hinder your site. Likewise, the plugin has been appropriately tuned for quick stacking and continuous altering.

But, by and large, the plugin is very versatile, speedy, and responsive, and it won’t make your site functions slow down.

Alternatives for Controlling Element Variability

This plugin has a straightforward element control choice that permits you to empower/incapacitate singular elements to accelerate and smooth the page load.

What’s more, it will enable you to debilitate/deactivate unnecessary gadgets to accelerate the site’s stacking time and improve the client experience.


Master Help from Elementor

Elementor Addons has a reliable and responsive help group. Likewise, it gives live chat, contact forms, and support forums to get help from educated faculty.

Extensions having a Big Impact

The Essential Addons plugin incorporates extensions for parallax scrolling, tables of substance, content security, progressed tooltips, and different highlights.

Content Protection: You can utilize the substance security expansion to keep your content protected from unapproved clients. This device permits you to secret key ensure certain data on any page or post.

The parallax impact permits you to create a parallax scrolling impact on your pages, making them seriously captivating and engaging outwardly.

Web Design

The versatility of essential Addons for different domain website

Essential Addons are not targeted at a certain website. It may be used to create any form of a website. From a static to a dynamic web presence. However, we believe that this add-on is excellent for creating a dynamic website. You can use various widgets to show your posts on your website in a variety of ways.

  • EA Dynamic Gallery can be used to displays your post’s featured photographs along with a link to the content.
  • EA Post Block can be used to display posts in a certain section. Filtering posts by category, tag, or the author is possible.
  • EA Post Carousel to create a carousel of posts.

What else Essential Addons can do?

Essential Addons can also be used to make a one-page website, such as a portfolio or a company site. To make a one-page website with Elementor, you’ll usually need numerous sections.

EA One Page Navigation is a useful one-page website navigation widget. It allows your visitors to jump from one part to another with a single click, rather than having to complete a deep mouse scroll. Essential Addons will enable you to connect your company’s social media accounts to your WordPress site.

WordPress Plugin Pricing

Elementor Addons Pricing

Essential plugin Addons is an excellent Elementor extension, but the pricing ultimately determines if it is worthwhile to purchase the plugin.

A single site license for Essential Addons is $39.97 per year.

They also provide an annual unlimited plan for $79.98 per year. If you don’t want to pay for the plugin annually, the lifetime unlimited plan costs $199.98.

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Given the number of widgets you receive with this plugin, I believe the price is relatively reasonable. You can get access to over 70 great widgets that will help you design great websites with Elementor for $39.97.

A free package with limited widgets is also available from Essential Addons. So, if you’re interested in this plugin but aren’t sure if it’s worth the money, you should give the free plan a try. This will assist you in determining whether Essential Addons is a worthwhile addition to your toolkit.

Finally, Essential Elementor Addons gives you a 14-day money-back guarantee. So you aren’t putting your money at risk if you don’t find the essentials plugin helpful.


How Convenient Is It to Get Started with Essential Addons?

It is very easy to use Elementor essential Addons. You just have to download the essential plugin and make some tweaks to create the WordPress website.

It’s simple to get started with Essential Addons for Elementor. Install the plugin, make some tweaks, and you’re ready to create websites. We’ve included a step in sequence for configuring Essential Addons elements from the start if you want to install and configure them.

Make sure you have the Elementor Essentials Plugin installed and functioning on your website before you begin. To install Essential Addons for Elementor, follow the instructions below:

Install Plugin

Install Essential Addons for Elementor

Step 1: Navigate to wp-admin -> Plugins -> Add New in your WordPress Dashboard. Then, in the search box, type in the phrase “Essential Addons.” Click the ‘Install Now’ button after that.

Step 2: After the installation is complete, click the ‘Activate’ button to activate the ‘Essential Addons for Elementor.’

Step 3: The Essential Addons Menu will appear in the WordPress Dashboard once you’ve completed Step 2. You will be taken to the Essenstial Addons Settings page.

To see all of the available Essential Addons elements, go to the ‘Elements’ tab. The toggle can be used to enable or disable them based on your needs.

Switch to the ‘Tools’ page and click the ‘Delete Cache button to regenerate files and clear cache.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Essential Addons offers speedy and productive client assistance to address any concerns or questions you may have while using the system. Client service is accessible utilizing live talk and backing tickets. Also, you can resolve any troubles in the community discussion.

Other Support

You can investigate the free public access on the community discussion and get answers quickly and without any problem. Essential Addons additionally offers live visit support for pre-deal questions, general requests, and prompt help to purchasers.

It furnishes need assistance to premium clients with an ensured and fast reaction time. Supremacy support is accessible as a help ticket.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons


  • Elements that are completely customizable
  • A variety of element handling options are available.
  • Quick and responsive client service
  • The add-ons are small and mobile-friendly.
  • Offers a total of 29 free elements and extensions
  • Enhances the official site builder’s functionality.
  • Premium plan includes more than 65 pieces, many of which have potent expansions.
  • 100 plus custom-made blocks and templates are pre-installed.


  • The plugin isn’t WPML compliant.
  • Not all popular WordPress themes are compatible.
  • There is not a clear line between Free and Pro.
  • When used with woo-commerce, it prevents you from using custom codes.
  • It’s not compatible with WordPress rocket and WP rocket can break your website
  • It doesn’t have advance seo feature

Final verdict

That was our final Essential Addons for Elementor review. Essential Addons is undeniably a powerful Elementor Addons with a plethora of widgets and functions.

This addons can help you improve your Elementor skills and create better pages. With so many widgets included in the addons, you’ll never need to hunt for other plugins or alternatives.

I believe this plugin will meet all of your widget requirements. Not to mention the fantastic extensions that come with this plugin, which will assist you in improving your pages.

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