Elementor Review: Is It Really That Good?

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Elementor Review: How does Elementor WordPress page builder stack up? Are you not sure if Elementor or Elementor Pro page builder is the right choice for you?

Let me tell you one thing, after working with Elementor for just a few weeks, you will realize it really does meet all expectations and is way better than one might expect it to be!

In this review, we will look at the latest features, pros, cons, and pricing, so that you can decide whether this is the perfect choice for you or you should use a different page builder plugin.

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Elementor Review: What is Elementor?

Elementor is a front-end page builder plugin for WordPress that has taken WordPress web design by storm.

It allows users to utilize the drag-and-drop interface. The core functionality of this plugin is to enable users to build and adjust their pages freely.

About Elementor

Since its release in 2016, the Plugin has been installed on over 5 million WordPress websites. Despite the competition, it has become one of the most popular page builders for WordPress.

However, does the page builder really live up to its hype? Let’s discover if this is true in our review.

Features and Benefits

Here are the key features and benefits:

  • You can create posts and pages with any style, layout, or functionality that you need, as compared to the post and page templates that are included with a WordPress theme.
  • All the pages are mobile responsive and SEO friendly.
elementor review
  • It includes a separate interface to work with. You don’t have to use the standard block editor that comes with WordPress.
  • No technical knowledge or coding skills are required.
  • It works with all WordPress themes.
  • It enables you to edit your pages from the front end, which suggests that it shows you the outcome of your work in a “what you see is what you get” manner, unlike working with HTML and CSS.

Pricing And Differences Between Elementor And Elementor Pro

Elementor is a free plugin, whereas Elementor Pro is a commercial plugin that has several pricing plans.

  • ESSENTIAL: $49 for use on a single website.
  • ADVANCED: $99 for use on three websites.
  • EXPERT: $199 for use on 25 websites
  • STUDIO: $499 for use on 100 websites
  • AGENCY: $999 for use on 1000 websites
Elementor pricing

With Free Version, you only have access to 30 widgets, while with Pro Version, you have access to 90+ widgets.

Some of the widgets that are only available on Pro version include Form, Call to Action, Nav Menu, WooCommerce Pages, Reviews, and several others.

Elementor widget

Some features that are only available in the Pro version include:

  • Theme Builder: Most page builders come with a theme builder feature. However, this feature is only available in the Pro version. This feature allows you to create key elements for header, footer, tags page and so on.
  • Popup Builder: This feature can be used to create any sort of a popup and integrate with either an opt-in form or some special announcement.
  • WooCommerce Builder: This is a useful plugin for you if you use WooCommerce to build an online store. This module allows users to rebuild WooCommerce product pages. Elementor Pro offers around 6 WooCommerce widgets, such as Products, WooCommerce Breadcrumbs, Custom Add to Cart, Menu Cart, WooCommerce Pages, and Product Categories.
  • Third-Party Tool Integrations: Some of these tools which are supported by Elementor Pro include Yoast, which is the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress. Furthermore, you can also add breadcrumbs to your single post template by integrating Yoast with Elementor Pro.
  • Templates: Elementor Pro includes templates that aren’t available on Elementor Free. There are two template types; full-length page templates called Pages and individual elements called Blocks. There are around 300+ additional page templates on Elementor Pro, ranging from homepage, About pages, Contact pages, Landing pages and many more.

Who Is Best Suited For?

Elementor WordPress is the easiest to grasp of all the page builders out there. In addition to this, it delivers the most features in comparison to other page builders.

Primarily, it is the ideal solution for those users who wish to create their page designs without having technical coding knowledge of HTML or CSS.

Elementor is for you?

Elementor is perfect for you if you feel limited by what the default block editor in WordPress enables you to do. Thus, Elementor can come in handy to allow you to add images or content wherever you want.

Ultimately, Elementor is a great tool for those who want to design unique pages for their websites without actually being a website designer.

Conclusion, Drawbacks

What Are The Drawbacks?

Some of the Elementor page builder reviews demonstrate the following drawbacks:

  • The blocks and templates of the Free and Pro versions are displayed together, with no way to filter the results to only display Free or Pro.
  • Elementor occasionally doesn’t update some data fields when users exit a page.
  • The data layout is messy and not that intuitive. What this refers to is that when you select your ACF field to drop data into the page, you are required to click on it again and select further settings.
WordPress Plugin Review conclusion

Elementor Review Conclusion

Is Elementor really that much better than its competition? The numbers can’t be lying when it comes to Elementor.

Thus, it really is the best WordPress page builder since it allows you to successfully create unique designs and websites in a short period of time and still manage to maintain your website performance.

Main Reasons

One of the main reasons why Elementor is significantly ahead of others is its price. Even though there is a Pro version available, you should be able to find the Free version sufficient if you’re just starting out.

In conclusion, Elementor stands out as the one solution that can be used by beginners as well and doesn’t pressure users to upgrade to a paid license.

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