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Bd Themes Element Pack Review: Elementor is among the most reliable, versatile, effective, and easy-to-use WordPress page builder platforms because of its several features and components.

However, its basic features aren’t always enough – so if you need more advanced features and capabilities, you must subscribe to a premium add-on.

Among your best bet is the Elementor Element Pack. Element Pack is a package that contains modules, plugins, themes, components, widgets, and templates for Elementor.

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Bd Themes Element Pack Overview

Elementor’s Element Pack is a powerful, multi-feature add-on that offers 150+ unique widgets, 135+ premade page layouts, and over 100 header and footer layouts. This plugin claims that it’s the ultimate add-on for Elementor, but is the hype true?

Below is our Elementor Element Pack review exploring its features, capabilities, installation, pricing options, pros, and cons!


Features & Capabilities

Ease of Use / User-friendliness

1. Plugin Installation

You can install the in two ways:

If you’re getting started with the free version, you can simply sign in to your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins > Add new > then search for Bd Themes Element Pack. When it comes up, install and activate the plugin.

If you’ve subscribed to the Pro version, you’ll be sent a zip folder, containing the plugin files. As usual, go to your WordPress dashboard > Plugins > Add new > Upload. Search for the plugin’s zip file on your PC, then drag and drop it on your website. Then, install and activate.

Bd Themes Element Pack uses the same installation approach as any other WordPress plugin. Once it’s done installing and activated, your Elementor Element Pack add-on is ready to use.

2. Plugin Settings 

After activation, a new menu item pops up on your sidebar. Click on the Element Pack link – you’ll be directed to a dashboard where you can disable or enable individual widgets. This is easily done with a simple on/off toggle button.

This feature means that the plugin only activates features you need, ensuring that your site loads faster, instead of being slowed down by unnecessary resources.

The dashboard is neatly arranged, with widgets grouped into separate tabs for easier access. Individual widgets feature easily accessible links that let users view the demo and access the specific widget’s help documentation.

3. Using Element Pack Pro

Once you’ve enabled desired features, you can now test run them. You can do this by creating a new page. Go to Pages > Add new > Click on the “Edit with Elementor” button; the Elementor’s interface will start loading. 

Elementor will allow you to create a basic row, then you can start inserting desired widgets. Simply use the drag-and-drop feature to add desired widgets onto your page. You can then configure and customize its settings to your preference.

Custom configurations include color adjustments, typography, spacing, and any other visual properties on the specific widget. You can also duplicate custom widgets or save them as a “global widget”, making them reusable on other parts of your site.


1. Core Free Widgets

Bd Themes Element Pack offers a free version downloadable from the official plugin repository. The free version offers 30+ core free widgets that allow users to add different elements, including:

  • Call-to-actions (CTAs)
  • Countdowns
  • Accordions
  • Lightboxes
  • Custom galleries
  • Price lists, etc.

The free package is a great choice if you want to familiarize yourself with the plugin first before subscribing to a premium package.

2. Core Premium Widgets

Free version widgets are pretty standard for an Elementor add-on plugin. However, it’s with the premium widgets that Element Pack shines most.

If you subscribe to Element Pack Pro from the start or upgrade from the free account, you’ll get access to 100+ additional widgets to improve your Elementor experience and by extension, your WordPress site. 

Premium widgets include:

  • Advanced buttons to add aesthetic hover effects to buttons
  • Advanced and animated headings for emphasis
  • Google Maps widget for location 
  • Comment widget – easily integrated with Facebook comments
  • Charts that enable you to display interesting data and statistics in your WordPress pages and posts built with Elementor, etc.

Premium widgets often offer extra functionalities for widgets in the free version. They also offer other widgets, features, and functionalities that you’ll see below, making upgrading worthwhile.

3. Element Pack Pro’s Third-Party Plugin Widgets 

One of the outstanding properties of Element Pro is the sheer number of additional third-party widgets. These widgets can also be integrated with other popular plugins on WordPress, including popular form plugins like Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, etc.

You can also find widgets for BuddyPress and bbPress as well as WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

However, to access these widgets, you’ll need to install the corresponding plugin. Then you can use Elementor Element Pack to add custom features to posts or pages.

Worthy mention: Element pack Pro offers more WooCommerce widgets than any other Elementor add-on plugin available on the market today!

Get standard product, add to cart, and gallery widgets as well as mini cart, cart page, checkout page, product slider, product carousel, and tracking form.

4. Element Pack Pro Templates

Element Pack gives you access to an impressive number of usable premade pages. Leverage their growing library of over 1,800 templates to design your dream website.

Furthermore, the library is constantly updated with newer templates. The templates are only accessible to premium subscribers, with templates available for every niche imaginable – education, corporate, agency, travel, food, and more.

You also get header and footer layouts and block layouts which you can add to your website.

5. Live Copy & Paste Feature

Element Pack offers a unique live copy feature that allows you to copy a specific section from pre-existing demos and paste it directly into your editor.

This saves loads of time if you’re working with multiple sites. You can easily duplicate sections, header, and footer layouts. Thanks to the live copy & paste feature, there’s no need to import an entire template into your website. Just copy what you need.

You can also mix and match different sections from different templates.

Customer Service

Element Pack Pro Support

Element Pack Pro offers a knowledge section on its website where you can get tutorials for every available widget in the plugin. Are you a visual learner, watch their video tutorials.

You can also submit tickets 24/7 in case you didn’t find answers in their knowledge base or YouTube channel. You can also join the Facebook community and interact with other Element Pack users.

Generally, Element Pack Pro offers extensive support. You’d often get answers or solutions to any challenge you might encounter.

Bd Themes Element Pack Review: Pricing

Element Pack offers a free version that’s downloadable from the official repository. However, it’s limited to 30 widgets which might be sufficient for a starter.

But if you need additional functionalities out of the plugin, you’ll need to upgrade to Element Pack Pro. The Pro option offers three different pricing packages with yearly and lifetime licenses.

  • Personal— the Personal Plan is suitable for only one website. You’ll get access to premium widgets, header and footer layouts, templates, and the Live Copy Paste feature. This package costs $24 annually or $59 for lifetime access.
  • Business— the Business Plan includes all Element Pack Pro premium elements and also the Rooten theme. It is suitable for up to five websites. This package costs $59 annually or $149 for lifetime access.
  • Developer— the Developer Plan includes all features of the Business Plan and also the White Label option. Furthermore, there’s no restriction to the number of websites that you can install the plugin. This package costs $159 annually or $359 for lifetime access.

All packages have a 30-day money-back guarantee!

WordPress Plugin Review conclusion

Pros and Cons of Elementor Element Pack Pro


1. More Widgets

The huge amount of widgets is the major reason why developers choose Element Pack. You’ll find several widgets with powerful features. Although they aren’t free and cheap, Element Pack Pro provides all premium elements and content in a single installation, saving time and money.

2. User-friendly Plugin

If you’re familiar with the Elememtor interface, the Element Pack is easy to use. The initial learning period is short and everyone can get started right off the bat.

3. Reasonable Pricing

For more features and plugins, subscribe to the Pro version. Pricing is reasonable and you get excellent returns.

4. Huge Library

Get access to almost anything from Element Pack Pro’s massive library and download straight to WordPress – themes, templates, modules, components, and widgets.



1. Too Many Options

Too many components have an accompanying side effect. It could become overwhelming, meaning that might take some time to find what you’re looking for.


Element Pack Review: Conclusion

At first, In this Element pack review, Elementor Pack might seem to be another add-on plugin for Elementor. However, once you look closer, you’ll discover that it provides superior features when compared to similar tools.

Asides from widgets, Element Pack offers a huge library of premade templates, block layouts, header and footer layouts, etc. that can save enormous time when designing your website.

You’ll get access to more integrations with most of the popular WordPress plugins and tools such as the Calendly scheduling app. 

Also, if you have a WooCommerce store, this is one of the best Elementor add-on plugins, as it’s packed with more WooCommerce widgets compare to other plugins.

Conclusively, Element Pack and its premium version are great, especially for individuals who regularly work with the Elementor plugin.

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