Crocoblock Review 2021: Can Crocoblock Level Up Your WordPress Site?

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Crocoblock review: Crocoblock is a toolkit such as Jet Engine, which can help anyone create a stunning WordPress website with Elementor. If you’re not familiar with Elementor, it is a visual drag-and-drop page builder plugin for WordPress.

Elementor has changed the game for who can build a WordPress site and how it can be built. It is incredibly scalable. And because of its scalability, there are many different Elementor widgets, plugins, and add-ons floating out there.

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Crocoblock’s USP is that it brings all the plugins you will ever need to create diverse WordPress websites under one platform. On top of that, it has a wide range of beautiful static and dynamic templates. These features make Crocoblock a one-stop-shop for Elementor developers.

With Crocoblock, you can create anything from a blog to an e-commerce store with a design that truly stands out. But you can only use it if you have Elementor on WordPress. If you’re a beginner at everything on WordPress, you might want to learn Elementor first.

Gutenberg editor

Recently, Crocoblock made some of its plugins compatible with Gutenberg, the drag-and-drop block editor for WordPress. If you use both Elementor and Gutenberg, Crocoblock is a valuable toolkit to add to your web designer arsenal.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the features of Crocoblock that can help you create a unique WordPress website. We’re also going to talk about the pros and cons of using Crocoblock, which we have put together after going through hundreds of Crocoblock review.

The Crocoblock Suite at a Glance

When you sign up to the Crocoblock subscription service, you get:

  • An installation wizard to help you set it up in a few minutes
  • An enormous set of code-free plugins called JetPlugins
  • 47 static design templates or skins
  • Pre-coded dynamic templates
  • More than 50 popup templates
  • Lightweight and SEO-friendly Kava theme
  • Magic Button for seamless editing pages, sections, headers, etc.
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All these features can add exciting functionality to building pages on WordPress with Elementor.

Create Dynamic Content With Crocoblock

Crocoblock streamlines the process of creating dynamic content. You don’t need to search for different plugins, nor do you need to learn CSS or PHP. All you need is Crocoblock’s Jet Engine plugin for Elementor.

Here are some useful examples of what you can do with the Jet Engine plugin to create dynamic content with Elementor for your website.

Create Custom Post Types and Taxonomies

WordPress may not have the post types that you need on your website. For example, you may want to create car ads for a car dealer website. You won’t find any default post types for such ads.

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But with Crocoblock, you can make your own post types. You can include the elements you want on such as the year, mileage, price, etc.

Crocoblock also lets you create custom taxonomies. That way, users can search for the car they want through Color, Model, Make, etc.

Both of these features come with the Jet Engine plugin. With Jet Engine, you can use Elementor to create distinctive post types and taxonomies without knowing how to code.

Create Custom Listings and Grids

Listings and grids are helpful when you want to display your products and services in an image-centric manner—for example, websites for real estate, car dealers, travel agencies, etc.

WordPress and Elementor have limited functionality when it comes to custom listings. You need various plugins to make them. But with Crocoblock, you only need one. All the elements you need to create listings and grids are there in Jet Engine.

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Creating your own listings or grids will help you add a unique touch to your website that aligns with your brand image.

Customize With Dynamic Widgets

Crocoblock has widgets to create dynamic structures in the Jet Engine package as well. The widgets allow you to create dynamic:

  • Fields
  • Images
  • Links
  • Repeaters
  • Meta
  • Terms

With Crocoblocks widgets, you can create all of the above without writing a single line of code.

Install Plugin

Set Up Templates for Your Website

Crocoblock makes it very easy to create custom templates for your WordPress website. But if you don’t want to make them from scratch, you can use Crocoblock’s pre-designed templates as well.

Make Custom Templates

The Crocoblock suite has a plugin for building custom templates with Elementor called JetThemeCore. With JetThemeCore, you can make templates for:

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Search Results Page
  • Archive Pages
  • 404 Page
  • Single Post Template

Use Pre-Designed Templates

Crocoblock’s pre-designed templates make it more than just a collection of Elementor plugins. This feature, along with some others, truly makes it an all-in-one toolkit for Elementor.

The JetThemeCore plugin comes with the Magic Button library. This library has thousands of options for pages, headers, footers, archives, and more.

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If you don’t want to make a header from scratch, for example, just click the magic button. And then, you can choose the header template you want and insert it on your page.

Create Advanced Filters

With Crocoblock, you can create advanced filters for any post type. All you need is their JetSmartFilters plugin. Here are some powerful features that the plugin offers:

  • An indexer for smart search that displays relevant options
  • Faceted search system to show relevant and specific options
  • AJAX-powered filters for optimal on-page operation
  • Option to combine similar filters to create a hierarchical filter
  • Filters can integrate with main and additional providers
  • Option to make a filtering architecture that can show up on Google Maps
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JetSmartFilters is an Elementor add-on that can help you create advanced filters. Your customers will be able to find exactly what they’re looking for and have a great user experience every time. 

Build a Creative Blog

Crocoblock has yet another impressive plugin, the JetBlog. It can help you create well-designed, intuitive blogs.

Here are some valuable features of JetBlog for Elementor:

  • A video playlist to add videos from YouTube and other sources
  • A text ticker to displays news headlines
  • Smart post tiles to display blog posts in a grid
  • Smart post lists to display blog posts as lists
  • Post pagination and post navigation to show related content beneath the post
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JetBlog offers more options to create a distinctive blog than you can get anywhere else. Even Elementor Pro has limited options for the layout. Also, you can seamlessly customize and change the layout any time you want.

Make a Mega Menu

Mega menus enhance the user experience for large websites. Users do not need to scroll extensively or type into search bars to find what they’re looking for.

Crocoblocks JetMenu plugin can help you create mega menus in a short time with Elementor. Here are some innovative features that JetMenu has:

  • Animated mobile menus with slide-out, drop down and push layouts
  • Add custom content built by Elementor at any time
  • Different menus for mobile and desktop
  • Breadcrumbs option
  • Hamburger widget
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JetMenu helps you build mega menus with a mobile-first design, which adds greatly to the user experience of your website. And this functionality is difficult to achieve by Elementor alone.

Crocoblock for Woocommerce

JetWooBuilder is perhaps the most impressive plugin that Crocoblock offers. This add-on has become an essential tool for Elementor developers that build e-commerce websites.

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 The JetWooBuilder offers a whopping 66 widgets. These widgets can help you build a highly customized and distinct e-commerce website. The plugin has many features, but some notable ones include:

  • Build a template for checkout, my account, cart pages, and more
  • Use a pre-designed template for different pages
  • Manage reviews and create custom behavior conditions
  • Add badges and CTA buttons from one place
  • Work in synergy with other JetPlugins to create a powerful website that matches your brand image.
Pros and Cons

Crocoblock Review: Pros and Cons

After using the service ourselves, we went through many Crocoblock review to compile a list of pros and cons for you. Let’s take a look at both.


  • An enormous suite of Elementor add-ons
  • Thousands of beautiful, pre-designed templates
  • Has everything you need to create most websites, e-commerce, in particular
  • Allows faster turnaround times with features like the Magic button
  • Good value at its price point
  • No coding needed
  • A lifetime pricing plan


  • Some templates don’t work without plugins
  • Buying individual plugins can be expensive
  • No monthly plans
  • Some customers have complaints about the support’s response time

Crocoblock Pricing

Here’s an overview of the Crocoblock pricing plans:

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  • There’s a custom plan for individual plugins
  • $130/year for one website
  • $265/year for unlimited websites
  • $750/year for a lifetime plan

A drawback here is that they don’t have a monthly plan. However, they do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Crocoblock review: Is Crocoblock Worth it for You?

If you are an Elementor developer, Crocoblock can definitely be worth the investment for you. Whether you want to create an e-commerce or real estate website, this Elementor toolkit can help you create responsive WordPress sites with a strong UX/UI.

JetPlugins are also optimized for page speed, so you don’t have to worry about SEO either. Try to go through Croco reviews and watch their tutorials to decide if Crocoblock will meet your needs.

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